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A few more of our specialties
  • Toyota Repair

  • As Athens’s experts in automotive services, our team of extensively experienced technicians offer world-class service in everything Toyota Repair.
  • Nissan Repair

  • Your brakes are you car's biggest safety feature - are they working perfectly? Our technicians have all received advanced certification in Nissan Repair, and will have your car's braking systems working like new.
  • VW Repair

  • We pride ourselves on offering our friends in Athens the best in VW Repair. Our auto repair shop offers everything from complex mechanical solutions to basic maintenance services.
  • Honda Repair

  • Check Engine Light on? Our Honda Repair experts can diagnose and solve any engine problem, no matter how complex.

Customer Reviews
Charles A. H. from Athens, GA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 10/16/2016:
"Expect a great repair expireice"
5 star rating

Jennif C. on 10/13/2016:
"Joes Garage has been great with my Toyota pick up. I highly recommend them."
5 star rating

Martha C. from Athens, GA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 10/11/2016:
"Absolutely recommend Joes Garage. They are highly professional and competent."
5 star rating

Diane B. from Athens, GA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 10/1/2016:
"Joe has been taking car of my Hondas since 1991. He is someone I trust completely. I know he will do what needs to be done and will tell me if (as I often am) worried about nothing! Yeah Joe!"
5 star rating

Celeste W. on 10/1/2016:
"That Joe is very thorough and noticed the requested service had already been done prior to my ownership, thereby saving me $700."
5 star rating

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